Flash Internet Settings Adjuster

The "Flash Internet Settings Adjuster" is a program designed to view and alter the ISP configuration parameters saved in the flash rom on the Dreamcast motherboard by Dreamcast browsers. Note that only modem based settings are included, Broadband configuration is not handled by this program. The purpose of the program is to allow you to see and modify certain settings that are not accessible in some browsers, therefore preventing you from using an ISP of your own choice. This program comes with no warranty. If the contents of your system flash rom becomes corrupted, you will only have yourself to blame. Please read all of this page before trying to use the program.


The Flash Internet Settings Adjuster works as a stand-alone program which you burn on a CD-R. Boot up your Dreamcast from this CD, and you should get a display showing your current settings, and allowing you to modify them as you see fit. The following sections give details on the available settings, and how to control the program. For burning the CD-R, the usual instructions apply. For specific help on using "Nero Burning Rom", see Jules page on that subject.

Supported parameters

The following parameters can be adjusted:
PPP Login
Login name for the PPP server
PPP Password
Password for the PPP server
Phone number 1-3
Alternate phone numbers to the modem pool of your ISP, in priority order
DNS server 1-2
IP numbers for DNS servers to use, in priority order
E-mail address
You E-mail address (for putting on outgoing mails)
SMTP server
FQDN or IP number for SMTP server to use (outgoing mails)
POP3 server
FQDN or IP number for POP3 server to use (incoming mails)
POP Login
Login name for the POP3 server
POP Password
Password for the POP3 server
Proxy sever
FQDN or IP number for HTTP proxy (leave blank for no proxy)
Proxy port
Port number for HTTP proxy (set to 0 for no proxy)

Keyboard editing

To move between the fields with the keyboard, press Tab and Shift-Tab. You can move around in the field with left and right cursor keys, and erase text with Backspace.

To quit the program without saving any changes, press the Esc key. To save all settings, press F12. If saving succeeds, the program will automatically quit.

Controller editing

While a keyboard is highly recommended, editing with just a controller is also possible. In this case, use left and right trigger to move between the fields. Use left/right on the D-pad to move inside the fields, and A to erase text. To actually enter text, you have to use up/down on the D-pad to increment/decrement the character code for each position until the correct character appears. This procedure is very tedious. A keyboard is definitely recommended.

To quit the program without saving any changes, press B. To save all settings, press X. If saving succeeds, the program will automatically quit.


When saving, the new data is written to the builtin flash rom on the motherboard. If the write is successful, the new data will replace your previous modem settings. If a save is not successful, you may get your old modem settings, or a mix of old and new settings. Other settings in the flash should not be affected. One reason for a save to fail is if there are no free blocks left in the system partition. In this case, the system partition needs to be defragmented. For safety reasons, this program will not perform the defragmentation procedure. Instead, quit the program and go to the Dreamcast main menu. Alter one of the settings in the Settings menu (such as stereo/mono or language), and return to the main menu. The system partition should now be defragmented by the settings menu in order to save the new setting. You can now try to run the Internet Settings Adjuster again.


If you have read all of the above, you may download the archive. Remember that using this program is at your own risk. No responsibility will be taken for corrupted flash roms.

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