Roxen User Conference 2000

These very nice picture were taken by me during the Roxen User Conference using my great GameBoy Camera (model MGB-006). These are not thumbnails, they are the actual pictures. Enjoy. :-)

01 Setting up

02 The portable application server :)

03 Psychedelic...

04 Lars opens the conference

05 Ronny and David introduces Roxen 2.1

06 Same as above

07 Trying out different shutter settings...

08 Wing talks about something or other

09 Food!

10 js et al getting a bird's eye view of the lunchtable

11 Me getting a bird's eye view of the "hub"

12 Coffee time

13 Burgers at B&K

14 Jan Warnstam wondering what I'm pointing at him

Marcus Comstedt
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