PBP Files

A PBP file collects the files needed for a game executable from a MemoryStick into a single file, for easier transfer. The files are simply concatenated with a small index at the start. There does not seem to be any alignment requirements.

All the offsets are in bytes from the beginning of the PBP file, and store in unsigned little endian 32 bit format (ul32).

0..30 "PBP"A file type identification cookie. A zero byte is followed by the three uppercase ASCII characters "PBP".
4..70 0 1 0This might be some kind of indication of the PBP version. Currently it's always two 0 bytes followed by a 1 byte and then one more 0 byte.
8..11ul32Offset of param.sfo data
12..15ul32Offset of icon0.png data
16..19ul32Offset of icon1.pmf data
20..23ul32Offset of PNG image of unknown purpose
24..27ul32Offset of pic1.png data
28..31ul32Offset of snd0.at3 data
32..35ul32Offset of PSP data
36..39ul32Offset of PSAR data