Here are a couple of external links to other peoples sites that contain more or less useful information.
Programming and Technical
Dreamcast Technical Pages - Some technical articles about the Dreamcast, poorly updated though.
Hit Maker Visit Series Vol.4 - A technical overview of the Dreamcast system presented by Hitachi (in Japanese).
bITmASTER's Playstation and Dreamcast development page - Some register maps and pinouts for the Dreamcast.
Dreamcast Development Tools - Documentation and source code by Lars "Maiwe" Olsson
Dan's DCDev Info - Programming info, samples, and a debugger.
Jules Dreamcast Development Site - News and files for developers.
NetBSD/dreamcast - The project to port NetBSD to the Dreamcast.
RAMTronics VMU Programming and Tools - Contains a nice FAQ about Visual Memory use and development.
Sega dreamcast VMU development tools - Contains hardware information about the Visual Memory System.
LIME - A compiled language for the Visual Memory System.
VirtuaMUnstaz - VMS demos and programming tutorials.
Hitmen - DC - Contains a walkthrough for building GCC for the SH4.
Programmers Heaven - Not Dreamcast specific, but has a good collection of useful info on programming in general.
Dreamcast Menu - Dreamcast homepage at Sega Japan (in Japanese).
Kirk's Dreamcast Page - Translations of Japanese menus and more. - Discussion boards about VMS games and savefiles.
VMU Engineering - Games and savefiles for the Visual Memory System.
Unlimited VMU Space/VMU Developement - Online repository for VMS files.
dcNow - Mainly focused on game reviews, but has a good links section.
DC Emu - Gathers information about emulators running on the Dreamcast.

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