Serial upload slave

The serial upload slave is a small program that allows you to upload and run code on the Dreamcast through its serial interface. Using a PC serial adaptor programs can thus be cross-developed and run from a computer on the standard Dreamcast unit. The upload slave itself can be booted from a CD-R disc. Please note that this software is of interrest only to people actually able to compile their own Dreamcast programs.

2000-06-27 13:52: By an unfortunate accident, the first version that was publised here about 12 hours ago was only bootable on Japanese systems. Sorry about that. The one available now should boot on Japanese, US and European systems.

Booting the serial upload slave

First, download the serial upload slave and burn it onto a CD-R using the instructions available elsewhere. The boot the DC from this CD-R. You should see the familiar SEGA logo appear, and then the sides of the screen should turn blue. This is the indication that the serial upload slave is active.

Communicating with the serial upload slave

To speak with the serial upload slave, you should set your serial port to 57600 bps, 8N1, hardware flow control. The slave accepts command lines terminated with LF or CR+LF, and responds to each processed command with the prompt ">". If it has any trouble with a command, it also responsed with "?" followed by a letter describing the nature of the problem:

Supported commands

Empty lines are accepted as the empty command. Furthermore, two non-empty commands are accepted:
? - Query version
The slave will respond to the "?" command with it's protocol version. The current version is V103.
S - SREC entry
Lines beginning with an S will be interpreted as Motorola SREC records. Currently, only S0, S3 and S7 are supported, as these are the only ones generated by GNU ld. When an S7 is received, the slave responds with "OK" and the uploaded program is started (the borders will go red to indicate this). If the program returns, the border should go blue again and the slave print "+++" followed by a new prompt.

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